Friday, November 6, 2009

Rant from an Army Brat

There are many things that go on in the news that really bother and concern me, but because of all the hype, I refrain from comment. This week, I don't think I can do that. In the last month, I have been crticized for being an "army brat" and for growing up in a home that ran strictly on military precision. Now, Army Brat is a term I will proudly use to describe myself because to me, that means one thing. However, when a woman who repeatedly belittles and criticizes me calls me an Army Brat, it doesn't set too well. So, the concept of being an "Army Brat" is something that I have been thinking about a lot lately. Yesterday, while on the bus home from work, I was checking out the news on my Blackberry and saw the news about the happenings at Ft. Hood. I was shocked and have not been able to stop watching the news about the shootings. You see, this "Army Brat" has a tremendous pride in growing up in a military household and the life I lived while my Dad served this country. I have nothing but respect for our troops and their families, and am deeply saddened by this whole episode. To me, part of being an "Army Brat" is standing by and supporting your military family. I can not even begin to fathom how these families are coping and dealing with this knowing that it was an inside job. My thoughts and prayers are with these families and the leaders of the Armed Forces. While I will not say that growing up in a military household is harder than growing up in a non-military household (I think there are aspects that are more difficult, but there are some things that I believe are easier in a military home as well) I firmly believe there is a difference. I will always be grateful for the childhood I had and for the positive impact the military had on my family. My heartfelt thanks to all of those who have sacrificed time with their parents or spouses, the chance to stay in one place, and live a life of constant change so that I may feel safe and secure in my home.

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