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Update: Between the time I asked permission to post on the next SUYL Singles Day and the time I posted, Nate is in communication with someone. I don't want to lose all of your comments, so I'm leaving the post for the time being.
Thanks to all of you who have commented and emailed. You all are wonderful!

Its Show Us Your Singles time over on Kelly's Korner blog. For months I've been wanting to post about one of my favorite singles, Nate.

Nate and I became friends (through church) when he moved to Houston from Oregon back in 2006. As I got to know Nate, I was impressed by several things; his deep love for his family, devotion to friends, how easy he was to get to know, his compassion, his faith, and his relationship with Christ. Nate also has a wonderful sense of humor, strong work ethic, loves to travel, and is an amazing unlce to his niece and nephews. I've met his family and they are all wonderful too. Any girl would be amazingly blessed to become a part of it! My daughter loves him. The first time he met her, he sang her Billy Joel (which is our favorite). Any guy that would sing Billy Joel to a baby is a keeper for sure!

As I've gotten to know him over the past (almost) 6 years, I have developed a tremendous amount of respect for him. Nate travels with his job and has gotten to see and do amazing things in spectacular places!

Nate's job is based in Houston, but he lives in Vancouver, WA. He is (almost) 29. He enjoys cooking, taking photos (of all the fab places he goes), time with friends and family, and spending time in the great outdoors.

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