Monday, November 16, 2009

Off the Wagon

Well, I completely fell off of the NaBloPoMo wagon last week. I'm a bit disappointed, but I'll get over it. Last Monday I left work and called Joe with a "to-do" list a mile long- all the things I wanted to do when I got home that night. I got on the bus and was totally wired about decorating for Christmas and ended up completely wiped out by the time I got off the bus. Somewhere, in the midst of all the sickness going around, I contracted a virus. I had blisters in my throat and everything. I worked a full week last week, so I was EXHAUSTED each evening when I came home.
Friday night we had a Sunday School class party. Joe worked until 7:00, so I went to the party for a couple of hours and then picked up Wendy's on the way home. We sat and watched Grey's on TiVo and had dinner together. It was nice and quiet and totally needed!
A couple of months ago, I made plans to go to the Nutcracker Market. Every year something pops up and I can't go. Stuff popped up this year, but I made a commitment to other people to go, so I kept my plans. I had a blast. I will definitely go back next year! Hopefully Joe will be off work to go with me!
Sunday was pretty busy. I went to church, took lunch to Joe and his co-worker, went to HEB (with about a billion other people), and got ready to teach the Youth Bible Study last night. I really struggle with curriculum for teens. Everything I see seems sooo cheesy. The topics are good, but do I really think junior and seniors in high school are going to find it interesting to do a word search on neon paper with splatter paint on it? My first thought was that the curriculum must be from the 90s. Nope! 2007! CRAZY! I feel like someone (or several someones) are missing the point. High School (and Jr. High) is not what it used to be, and yet we can't seem to keep up with the things they are faced with.
In other news, Joe spoke with his parents last night. Two weeks ago, there was a huge blow up. Short version: Joe's mom lied to her oldest son Ben. To make her point, she threw me under the bus in the process. Then, we talked with Ben, tried to straighten out what did and did not happen then Joe talked to his mom. In order to cover herself she lied to Joe too. And, let me just be clear that these were not "small" lies--these are life impacting, pit son against son, family against family lies and manipulation. Of course, as luck would have it, we were scheduled to go see them the week after Thanksgiving. Initially, we decided we would not go. But, I decided to go. I hate seeing my husband torn over her horrible behavior toward me, him, and the rest of the family. So, I'm sucking it up and going. We spent almost 2 weeks seeking advice and counsel, and pretty much no one thought we should go on this trip. I'm pretty sure it will not be pleasant, but in the name of moving forward (regardless of what that looks like) we need to go. Please pray that I can exhude patience and have peace. I am walking into the lion's den, that much I know. I also know that her behavior won't change and that we can only take so much of her...its a good thing she lives far away! Also, I'm hoping for snow while we are there. If it snows, then I will be outside playing like a kid and won't have time to worry with her!

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Lindsay said...

I will definitely be praying for y'all these next few weeks. I'm so sorry you are having to go through this.