Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Roll Over, Roll Over

My boss' boss, Linda lives in my parents neighborhood, which is weird because I see her out in public at stores and out to eat at places around their house. Its kind of like seeing your teacher at the grocery store...they aren't supposed to have a LIFE outside of work! But, it is nice when we have meetings at her house, because then I pop in and spend time with my parents. We had our annual Christmas lunch at Linda's on the 16th. Since the lunch wasn't going to be over until 4:00, and traffic would be a NIGHTMARE, Joe and Hadley met me at my parents' house. We spent some time with them and then went out to eat. It was nice. Hadley was perfect.

Joe and I both had the next day off and planned to do some errands and go on a date. We got up and played for a couple of hours and took Hadley to daycare (I felt pretty guilty sending her when I didn't have to work), then we set off about our day. We went to breakfast and then to run some errands at the mall before going on our "date." There was nothing playing at the movies that we wanted to see, so we decided to go to Main Event. We walked right up and were told they were closed for a private event...great....we couldn't find anything to do, how lame is that? So, we went and picked up our baby. I ran in to get her and the teacher says, "Oh, she rolled over today." WHAT??? I missed it? Seriously?? She had almost rolled over while we were playing that morning, but she'd been almost rolling over for weeks. I got huge tears in my eyes from happiness and guilt. How could I miss such a big thing on a day when I didn't even have to work???? I compose myself, get Had in her car seat and go to tell Joe that she rolled over! Here's how it went:
Me: "So, um Little Miss Hadley Grace rolled over today! I can't believe I missed it."
Joe: "Oh."
Me: "I can't believe I missed her first time to roll over and I wasn't even working." ( I couldn't get over the fact that I took her to daycare when I was off work)
Joe: "Welllll, today wasn't the first time she has rolled over."
ME: "WHAT? When did she roll over????"
Joe: "Mary Grace told me she did it yesterday."
Me: "She rolled over and you didn't tell me???"
Joe: "I didn't want you to be upset that you missed it."
So, Hadley really rolled over for two days before I knew anything about it. Talk about feeling like a failure as a mom. When we got home that day, I put her on the floor determined we were NOT moving until she rolled over. No joy. We tried again Saturday. No joy. But, something wasn't quite right with her Saturday, so I didn't make her stay on the floor all that long.

Hadley had gotten really clingy Friday and Saturday nights, and she would SCREAM anytime we put her down. On Sunday she seemed fine, so we went to church. She started screaming in the nursery and we ended up going to the ER. Hadley was starting to get another ear infection (2 in 2 weeks). I'm hoping the first one just never went away, but I'll never know. Poor baby was not feeling well at all. But, thanks to her meds, she was on the mend quick. Finally on Monday at her follow up appointment with her doctor, I saw her roll over. After the nurses had taken all her information and gotten her weight, I got her dressed and was holding her. Then the blowout. So, I stripped her down and was trying to change her (it was an awkward set up, I was trying to dig through the diaper bag, there was no place to put anything and it was chaos) and she decided it was high time she roll over for me. She rolled right into the thick of things if you know what I mean. I was still pretty happy to see her do it. I cleaned her up, got her dressed, and policed up everything we got dirty in the exam room. It was quite the ordeal. Somehow it seems fitting that the first time I see my baby roll over is in the doctor's office in the middle of something that resembled a calf scramble at the rodeo.

Hadley Grace meet Santa Claus

We took Hadley to meet the big man in red on December 6 after I got off work. I figured since it was a Monday night early in December, no one would be there in line. As we walked toward Santa I heard barking...LOTS of barking. It was weird. We round the corner and there are tons of people in line to see Santa with their pets! Yep, we went on pet night...classic. Santa was on a break feeding the reindeer so we had to wait and wait and wait. Hadley slept and slept and slept. We were trying to figure out the perfect moment to wake her and feed her so she didn't scream bloody murder at the jolly ol' elf. The line moved so slowly because people were dressing up their pups and using props. Next year, I will check to make sure it isn't pet night! Hadley did great though, she snoozed until we woke her up for her bottle, she ate and then threw up down the side of her dress, and was ready to sit on Santa's lap for a picture. She did great! I'm a little bummed that her dress matched Santa's chair perfectly. Out of all of her Christmas dresses, I picked the one that matched the upholstery, go figure!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Cookie Weekend and 3 Months

This weekend was our annual Cookie Baking weekend. We set aside two days to make tons of cookies. This year was so different (and much harder) with a baby to care for in the midst of it all. All in all, we made over 70 dozen "pieces." Hadley enjoyed herself for the most part, but wasn't feeling well. She woke up Saturday morning with a fever of 100.8. We went to the doctor as a walk in (we went to the doctor that I used to go to) and they thought her ear looked slightly red, so they put her on antibiotics as a safe guard. I think tomorrow we will probably go back to Hadley's regular Doc just to be sure he thinks she looks okay. All in all, it was a successful weekend and Hadley seems to be feeling better.

Hadley is 3 months old today! In some ways time has flown by and in other ways it seems like it took us a long time to get to this point. My parents taught her La Cucaracha today, she thinks it is hilarious. She is working on rolling over (back to tummy), holding her head up fairly well, reaching for things (especially her reflection in the mirror), and turns in the direction of who is talking (most of the time). We weighed her in tonight at 10 lbs 10 oz! She has been gaining weight slowly and I've been a bit worried. On Wed we weighed her and she has gained 4 ounces since then! That is a crazy amount for her to gain in such a short time! Hadley Grace, we love you so very much, its hard to think about what life was like before you. I am torn, I want you to stay small, but I also want to be able to have a conversation with you and know what you are thinking in that beautiful head of yours. For now, I will hold you and cuddle you as long as you will let me. I know it will go by in a blink!

Hadley was having floor time this morning and fell asleep as she was rolling over. She rolls over about half way (from back to front).

One of the cookies I made for Hadley. BU class of 2034!

It was much easier to take this month's picture than last! We got several cute ones before she fell over. She almost rolled over, but then started having a melt down, so we saved her!

Thursday, December 2, 2010


Every year around this time we all focus on giving thanks for our "stuff." And, like most things "our stuff" changes over time. In addition to all the normal things, friends, family, homes, cars, jobs, food, clothes, etc... This year, our family had MUCH to be thankful for!

  • Dad's successful quintuple by pass surgery (and recovery) last December
  • Awaiting the arrival of baby Cocoa Puff, Hadley Grace with a healthy pregnancy
  • Grannie's recovery from multiple hospital stays
  • Grannie's succesful valve replacement surgery in August followed by another succesful surgery in October
  • The most precious little girl I've ever laid eyes on

This Thanksgiving was a bit different for us. Hadley and I drove up to Mom and Dad's on Wednesday evening to spend the weekend. Joe was working the night shift, so we didn't want to be home alone trying to be quiet during the days. My parents cooked the usual feast and we took it on the road to Joe's work for all of those who had to work Turkey Day.

Hadley chilling in her high chair while Gigi makes turkey

Friday we went out for some Black Friday people watching and some light shopping. I spent a whopping $28 at Gymboree and called it a day. Saturday Hadley and I helped decorate the house for Christmas. There is nothing better than Mom's house at Christmas time!

Tucker checking out Miss Hadley after her Black Friday excursion

Mom and I took SEVERAL breaks from decorating to love on Hadley and pose her for pictures

Hadley was supposed to watch Gigi and make sure she put the greenery up right

Best of all, Hadley got several days of extra love from Mom and Dad and I didn't change hardly any diapers while I was there. Gigi took them for the team!

Sunday we went to church and spent some time with Joe. Hadley wore her first (of many) Christmas dresses and looked SO sweet!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

11 Week Re-Cap

Since I've been so delinquent in blogging, I'm going to try to catch up in one post. This in no way does justice to the past 11 weeks, but it is my only hope of getting caught up.

Hadley, here is a look at the past 11 weeks:

Week One:

-We brought you home and nervously tried to figure out what in the world to do with you. We did LOTS of holding, diapering, feeding, and crying. We also took you out on a few "outings" for sanity sake

-You went to your first doctor visit on September 9, 2010 and saw NP Stacy (we LOVE her). Your appointment was at 8:30. Getting up, dressed, fed, and out of the house by that time was crazy! Gigi came over that day to cook and do some serious baby holding! Getting ready to take Hadley to her first Dr. Appt.

-We took you on your first trip to TargetRiding to Target

-You played on your play mat (you HATE tummy time)

-You slept A TON! I knew babies slept a lot, but you slept almost all the time, about 22 hours a day.

-You screamed through your first bath. I was so nervous, but we survived. You loved having your hair washed.

-You were the Bears' cutest fan on your first Game Day, 9-11-10 when Baylor played Buffalo. We met Josh, Lory, and Mo for lunch at Jason's Deli that day

Week Two:

-You slept some more

-You had more appointments because you had episodes of projectile vomitting. After a couple of weeks going back and forth, they decided you had reflux. Gigi came and helped me that Thursday because your Daddy had just gone back to work. You did great all day, then she left and you got sick. But, while she was there, we went on our first Girls' outing to McAlister's.

-You went to your first church service on September 19
-You lost your cord

-You had your newborn pictures made by Carina Olson of Kat's Photography. She was awesome! You'll be seeing her again and again I'm sure.

-You had your first ultrasound (to rule out Pyloric Stenosis). You were less than impressed with the process, but did really well all things considered.

Week Three:

-You met your Grandma and Grandpa when they came to town for your dedication

-You slept some more

-You went with me to my hair appointment and did GREAT hanging out in the salon

-We presented you to the Lord and promised to raise you in a Christian home and to reflect Christ in our lives as an example to you as you grow. After your dedication service we had lunch at our house with the Cook Family and all of your grandparents. Then we went to Uncle Bert's for a shrimp boil that night.

- We went and spent the day with Papa

-You smiled at us periodically from the time you were born. But, you really started smiling to get our attention this week.

-You went to Waste Management to meet my co-workers and have lunch with Gigi

Week Four:

-You had your one month weigh in. You were 8 pounds 2.5 ounces (and not too thrilled to be propped up in bed for a picture)

-You spent your first night away from home. We stayed the night at Gigi's because Daddy was sick.

Week Five:

-Gigi and I took you to meet Grannie. There are a few things you need to know about Grannie...I adore her. She spent a lot of time around us when we were growing up and she helped your Gigi with your Uncle Steven and me when Papa was in Desert Storm. I never will forget calling Grannie to tell her I was pregnant with you. I had my first appointment to confirm my pregnancy and came into work. When I got to work I showed Gigi the pictures of the ultrasound (you looked like a polka dot) and she says, "you have to tell Grannie, I can't keep it a secret." So, that afternoon as I was leaving the office and walking to the bus, I called her. I asked her what she was doing in September. She said, "September??? Its just only January, I don't know hun. Why, what are you doing in September?" I told her I was having a baby and there was a very long silence followed by "are you serious?" "Yes." Then she got choked up and said, "you'll have a little girl with a head full of dark hair and blue eyes." Throughout my entire pregnancy she asked about you. When she had her open heart surgery, she kept checking to make sure you hadn't been born. Grannie was so excited about you. When she saw you, she cried, I cried, Gigi cried, and you slept. It was a moment I will never forget. Hadley, you are so loved by one of the most amazing women to walk this earth. I desperately want you to know and remember her.

Week Six:

-You started daycare at Kid City. I took you on Monday (10/18) morning and left you an entire three hours. I was a basket case and cried almost the whole time. Being away from you was awful, it still is. We kept you there a little longer each day to make sure you (ok, I) would do okay before I had to go back to work. You did just fine and have the sweetest teachers; Aida, Mary Grace, and Joanie. Whenever I go in to get you, the teachers from other classes tell me how cute you are and how sweet they think you are.

-We took you to the Fall Festival and to the Pumpkin Patch. Papa came down to go with us since Gigi was out of town.

Week Seven:

-Mom went back to work and then got a stomach bug. Daddy kept you home just in case

Week Eight:

-You celebrated your first Halloween and holy cow did you look cute!

Week Nine:

-You had your 2 month appointment (11-5-2010) and got shots. I cried, you cried, and Daddy almost cried.

-At 2 months, you weighed 9lbs 8.5 oz and were 22.5 inches long. You were in the 8th percentile for weight and in the 20s for length. This picture cracks me up, your legs are so skinny! Each time we set you up, you'd roll to the left and fall over, it was pretty funny.

-After your appointment, we went to Gigi and Papa's. Daddy and Papa installed lights in the kitchen while we took you Christmas dress shopping. Girl, you have 5 Christmas dresses.

-You had your first dinner at a hibachi joint that night too

-Your little classmates passed along a sickness and you were out of school with RSV for half the week. Daddy stayed home and took care of you.

Week Ten:

-We went Christmas shopping with Papa on Friday.

-Gigi and Papa babysat you on Saturday so Mommy and Daddy could go do some shopping of their own

-Grandma sent you Thanksgiving cash. You even held it in your hand

Week Eleven:

-We are getting ready to celebrate your first Thanksgiving. You wore a little outfit to school today with a turkey on the tush and a turkey hairbow. You are so precious!

So far you :

clasp your hands together (you've done this since day one)

love your fists

smile a lot now

follow things with your eyes really well,

you LOVE the Christmas tree lights and the Christmas village

you are cooing and making sounds to "talk" to us

still HATE tummy time

are getting good at holding your head up when we carry you (but not when you are doing tummy time)

you like your swing, bouncy seat, high chair, and infant carrier

you usually do really well in the car

you typically only cry when hungry (until last night when you had a gas bubble and screamed your head off)

you LOVE your Daddy, Gigi and Papa

you have done EXCELLENT at day care

you love bath time and getting your hair washed

and you love the "Good Morning" song

Right now you think I'm hilarious, I'm living it up while I can

I had you in your high chair last week and I was making brownies, you were really fasicnated with my mixer and seem to enjoy being in the kitchen with us. While we were baking, Billy Joel came on the iPod, you grinned a huge grin and started kicking your feet. You loved him in utero too.

We have had so much fun getting to know you these past 11 weeks. They go by so fast, sometimes I just find myself holding you and crying because I don't want time to pass so quickly and yet I am so anxious to learn more about you and who you are. I am so humbled that the Lord has blessed me with you because I am so undeserving of such an amazing gift. Even more wonderful is that He loves you so much and knows you so well that He knows the number of hairs on your precious little head. Oh Hadley, you have been so worth the wait!

Hadley Grace's Birth Story

I went to see Dr. Nisbet for my 39 week appointment on Friday morning (September 3) and FINALLY had a slight change...I was at a 2. As we were leaving I told Dr. N that I hoped not to see her for my appointment that following Friday. She looked hesitant and said if she didn't see me Friday it would be because she saw me Wednesday or Thursday. I told her I was hoping more like Saturday, she looked skeptical, and I looked bummed and desperate.
Joe took me in to work and made plans to come pick me up, I think he felt pretty bad for me at that point. Through the course of that day at work, I decided that I was done. Monday was Labor Day and I was hell bent I would have Hadley before Thursday! Stella gave me permission to work from home until Hadley came. I said my farewells and waddled out of the building, laptop in tow.
That night, Joe and I went to dinner at Cracker Barrel. All I could think of wanting to eat was fried okra (ick) and jelly beans. I ate dinner and skipped the jelly beans (and craved them all night long).

Saturday we went to Babies R Us, walked around the mall, went to HEB (bought jelly beans), made dinner, and went for a walk. Joe was transitioning to the night shift, so after watching The Backup Plan, I went to bed and Joe went out to work on his car. I woke up at 11:15, stuck my head in the garage and chatted with Joe. I made sure he knew I was just up for jelly beans and that I wasn't in labor. I grabbed some jelly beans and got back in bed. Right as I was starting to fall back asleep (still chewing my jelly beans like a cow chews grass) I felt a little strange. My water was breaking, it was 11:39 Saturday night. I got myself in gear (as fast as one can at 39 weeks pregnant), called the doctor's office, stuck my head in the
garage and told Joe I was in fact in labor, changed my clothes, called my Mom, and we were off.
When I got to the hospital the nurse told me I could wait in the waiting room or put on a gown and wait in one of the open rooms. I opted for a room of course. I got in there right at 12:00 am. The nurse FINALLY came in and checked me. When she hooked me up to the machine she said I was having contractions every 3-4 minutes. I didn't even know I was having them (thank you Lord)! Labor was not as bad as I had anticipated, I had a lot of pressure in my back. It was certainly uncomfortable, but better than I had thought it would be. Mom, Dad, and Joe were there the whole time I was in labor (Dad left for the delivery part). Dad even came up with a "cheer" to get me to progress--funny if not only slightly inappropriate.
The rest of the story is a blur or not part of the story that should be shared. Right up until delivery, we had excellent nurses (then shift change brought in a few ding bats). Dr. Bowman was on-call that day, she was amazing. I loved her and am glad that she was the one to bring Hadley Grace safely into this world. Hadley was born at 11:44 am on Sunday September 5, 2010. She had a head full of dark hair, blue eyes, and was a tiny bundle of awesome! She weighed in at 7 pounds 10.5 ounces and was 20 inches long. One of the first things I noticed about her was that she could flare her nostrils---a girl after her mom's heart! ha!

We spent the next couple of days in the hospital. There was a Tropical Storm that was hitting south Texas, so we had lots of rain on the day we were released. Finally on Tuesday at about 2:00pm we were discharged to go home. Hadley did great in her car seat, she gripped my finger the whole way home, and I'm pretty sure I cried the entire way. Was this really happening? Years of wondering what it would be like to have a baby in my house, to parent a child, and here we were in our Honda CR-V, headed to our sweet little house about to find out what life is really all about.
When we got home, we showed Hadley the house, we took her to her room and showed her all of her sweet things. We put her in her swing, we held her, we stared at her, and just soaked in those first hours at home together as a family.


I started this blog as an attempt to capture our lives...the exciting, the not-so-exciting, and everything in between. So far, epic fail! I have so many things that I've wanted to stop and blog about to document so I would remember all of the little things that have happened in Hadley's life so far, and I've not found the time to do so. Oddly enough, I'd rather baby hold than blog about baby holding. My next few posts will serve as a poor attempt to catch up. Stay tuned....

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Today marks the start of our 39th week of pregnancy. I will admit for all to see that I was WRONG...I thought all along CP would be here by about week 37. The past couple of weeks have been disappointing in that I'm ready to see my baby's sweet face. At the same time, the past couple of weeks have given Joe and I extra time to be a party of two. We've had several dinners out, gone on lots of walks, and had some quiet evenings at home waiting.

My appointment last Friday was somewhat disheartening when Dr. Nisbet said, "I'm pretty sure I'll see you for your regular appointment next week." Followed by the observation that there hadn't been much of a change. I wanted to scream, "CHECK AGAIN!" "Are you sure???" I had a round of contractions the night before and was totally certain there would be a noteable change. No cigar.

I have noticed a few things this week that are different;
-lower back pain
-crazy indigestion (I had some heartburn but this is fierce business)
-icky nausea today

We go back to the Dr. tomorrow and I'm not expecting there to be a change. I suspect we will talk about an induction and I'm hoping that if we do, Dr. Nisbet will humor me and do it next week instead of making me wait until the week of the 13th. I won't hold my breath though.

In other news, work has been pretty slow this week. My colleague is slammed and I'm not. On the one hand, it is awesome to not be running around like a fool this week, on the other, it means time passes SLOWLY and I have time to sit and dwell on Hadley's upcoming arrival.
Grannie had open heart surgery a couple of weeks ago in Austin. She is currently at a re-hab facility in Marble Falls. I finally got her on the phone last night. She sounded good and chipper. Apparently there is a lady that comes in to do hair and Grannie got her weave did. She told me, "ooooh boy, I got my hair washed, set, and cut. I look like the Queen of the Ball. Everyone thinks so." She is a mess! I got a good laugh out of that when I got off the phone with her. Aside from Joe and I, I think Grannie may be the most anxious to meet Hadley Grace. I'm pretty sure this is the day she has been waiting for forever!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Hadley's I Love Jesus Dress

We went over today and bought Hadley's Dedication dress. I'd had my eye on one for months but never purchased it. Then, we were told Aunt Pat was making her a dress for the dedication. Pat sent us beautiful dresses for Hadley, but we think we will need to wait for Easter so they will be a better fit. So, we are saving those precious ones for a later date. In the meantime, I'm scared to even breathe on them or they will get dirty! ha!

Here is what we selected to dedicate l'il one to Jesus in

Thursday, August 26, 2010


My name is Callie and I am a bow buying addict. I think I may start a support group, Bow Buyers Anonymous.

6 bows came in the mail yesterday and I ordered another dozen or more today. Etsy, you enable me. Especially now that I found someone who sells them for $2 or less! Thank you for helping me with this addiction, at least my daughter's head will be well decorated. I bet she will be able to identify where her bow is before her eyes, ears, nose, or mouth...And, honestly, I'm okay with that....

Saturday, August 21, 2010

37 Week Pictures/Update

Yesterday we had our 37 week check up. I was really expecting there to be a great change from our last appointment. Hadley had dropped quite a bit (see picture) since last weekend and I was hoping for more progress. I know that the numbers really don't mean anything in the grand scheme of things, but still....

Sadly, there wasn't much of a change progress wise. Better luck next time! Ha! Here are a couple of pictures Joe took before our appointment. Since my Mom is out of town, I wanted to show her how low Hadley had dropped this week.
Joe was at work last night and asked me (via text message) if it was bad that he didn't want to wait 3 weeks for Hadley to be here. I told him absolutely not, I don't want to wait either! I am already crazy about this little one and I've not even met her yet. How can I miss someone I haven't met???

*The palm of my hand is at the bottom of sternum. The entire space taken up by my hand is "squishy" now and Hadley wasn't occupying space until the point where my finger is pointing. She is squishing herself in a smaller space than necessary!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Doneski...well, sort of.....

Well, we've made it to 37 weeks! Hadley, you are now considered "term" and should be fine to come any time. So, that being said, we're ready to see you, please come soon!

At our last appointment, Dr. Nisbet confirmed you are head down (we had already figured that one out), and there was "progress." We go back again tomorrow. While I know the numbers don't really mean all that much, because you will do your own thing in your own time, I will cry my eyes out if I haven't progressed since last week! Ha! You started dropping a couple of weeks ago. I remember being so excited because I could fit my hand (sideways) between my sternum and the baby bump. You slowly continued to drop a little at a time. Then, on Monday, I woke up and could fit my hand (from palm to fingertips facing toward the floor) from my sternum down before I could feel you. You were sitting in alignment with where my fingers ended. Basically, I don't know that you can get any lower without deciding to grace us with your presence, and we'll take you!

Overall, I still feel pretty good. I'm getting tired of working, but know if I was home I would be going nutso sitting and waiting. I've cut down on swimming and am only going 4 days a week for about 35 minutes instead of 6 days for 45. I still love swimming laps, but have definitely slowed down! You like to have little parties (that don't feel as cute as they used to since you are bigger and squishing yourself in a smaller space) as soon as I lay down to go to sleep. You also wake up with my alarm and start squirming around. I was hoping you'd have your Dad's sleep habits and not mine, but I don't think I am going to be that lucky! Between your sleep habits, mine, and FREQUENT trips to the bathroom at night, sleep is scarce. I'm starting early these days!

Your room is DONE! Car seats are in the cars, bags are packed (full of cute outfits for you to sport in the nursery), and all of your toys and things are put together. Your Dad has had a lot of fun putting together swings, strollers, furniture, car seats, and toys. Let me just tell you, he is toast. You already have him wrapped around your little finger. He is just toast.....
Speaking of, your Papa and Gigi are toast too, but that is a given. Papa has been looking for lacy booties for you (I've had a hard time finding them). Gigi says that anyplace they go, he stops and looks at things for you. You will just adore them! Just wait until you get to have Christmas at Gigi's! We're ready to include you in our cookie baking days, decorating, and all the fun stuff we do for the holidays (this year, you'll probably just snooze through it, but next year, you'll have a BLAST)!

Bottom line kid, we're as ready as we're going to get. So, you have my permission and blessing to come whenever you want (hopefully sooner rather than later)! We can't wait to meet you!

Monday, August 9, 2010

T Minus 5

We are down to about 5 weeks until Hadley's due date. From the beginning I have believed that Hadley will get here early. I could be completely wrong, but I've just wanted to be mentally prepared for her to be here before her due date. People look at me and ask "how much longer?" and shake their heads when I tell them. I don't feel like I'm THAT big, but I guess there is something they see that I don't. Who knows. Everyone always has a guess and an opinion based on their experiences.

I am pretty certain that Hadley started dropping a couple weeks ago. I don't have a lot of space for her to drop, so I think she is slowly wiggling down. There have been a couple of other "signs" of upcoming labor. But, when you read all the information on it, these are things that can happen several weeks ahead of labor with a first child. So, that isn't much of an indicator.

We have one more shower at work this week, then we'll be all set and ready for Hadley's arrival. Joe put the swing together last night. I'm REALLY excited about the swing. I just wish it didn't take up so much space.

Hadley's room is done, with the exception of the niche above the closet. We'll have to find the perfect thing to go up there.

Other than some last minute organizing, we are ready. I hope she will stay put long enough to get her lungs a little more developed. But, we sure are ready to see her face!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Shower Take 2

Last weekend, Joe and I packed up the Big Beag and headed north to my parents' house on Friday night for a shower on Saturday morning. We had a hard time going to sleep and right as we were dozing off, Joe got called into work for the morning shift. Neither one of us got much sleep that night.
Saturday morning, Mom and I got up and dressed and went over to the Whistle Stop Tea Room for the shower. The Whistle Stop had great food, amazing desserts, and was a really cute place! It was a perfect shower, we had a great time celebrating with friends and family. We got some really cute things for Miss Hadley!
Grannie got Hadley her first pairs of earrings. They are so tiny! Dad got her a tiny yellow polka dot bikkini, and we got lots of goodies with her name on them. Everyone was so thoughtful and generous in blessing us!