Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Several weeks ago, Joe and I made plans to celebrate the anniversary of our first date. We were both off work that day and planned to cram as much as we possibly could into one day! Since this weekend is Thanksgiving and we will be with my family, and then next week we are flying to Cleveland, we knew it would be much needed time together.
Friday morning I had an early doctor's appointment that ended up taking a lot longer than I thought. Long story short, I've been ordered to do an ultrasound and blood work because the Dr. thinks my liver is enlarged. Unfortunately, she didn't talk to me about it and when I asked questions they were cast aside and I was told to wait until the results were in. Um, thanks...next up, new doctor. So, like any tech savvy gal, I came home and Web Md'd "enlarged liver." I got a list of causes like, hepatitis A, B, or C, Leukemia, Mono, and Fatty Liver. None of those things sound great (I know there is no way that I have hep of ANY kind, so that is a no brainer), but if I had to pick one, I'd pick Fatty Liver. That seems the least of the evils. But, to diagnose that, they have to do a biopsy of the liver. Bottom line, if this lady is right, this is not going to be a fun adventure. I got my blood work done yesterday, but can't get the ultrasound until Dec. 7th. Lucky for me I have a LOT of time to worry and stress! Ha!

Needless to say, this put a damper on the whole stress free date day. But, we tried to have a good day anyway. Last year, we painted a Christmas plate and decided to make it a tradition. We went over to Painted Potter and painted our 2nd annual Christmas plate. I THINK this one will turn out much better than last year's plate. After the Painted Potter, we headed out and did some window shopping followed by dinner at Perry's Italian Grille. Dinner was amazingly good! I had the chopped salad, veal marsala, and we split a dessert. We ate dinner pretty early so we could get home and decorate the tree and watch Elf. I was passed out no later than 9:00! It was a good day, but we certainly didn't get everything done that we aspired to do~ funny how that happens!

This week Joe is working nights. We're pulling our things together to spend a couple of days with my parents. We'll get home Saturday morning to clean, do laundry, and start packing again for our trip to Cleveland next Wed. Originally snow was forecast for Wed and Thursday, now that has changed. There went my one shred of hope for this trip!

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Lindsay said...

I wish we had a place to paint pottery here! I love that!!