Sunday, November 30, 2008

Many Thanks

Before Dinner--Joe is thinking of pecan pie and dressing
This is Joe's brain on pie....

Tuck Tuck

I can't believe Thanksgiving weekend is coming to a close already, funny how time away from work goes so quickly! We had a great Thanksgiving. I always think of Thanksgiving as a hurdle until Christmas, but its growing on me... Thanksgiving day was very quiet and laid back. The food was amazing and we enjoyed our time with my family and Joe's uncle that came up for the day. Joe had to go back to work Friday morning and I spent the day with my parents. My dad showed my mom and I what he wanted to get Joe for Christmas---Joe is going to flip! After a little bit of shopping, we went out in search of the perfect tree. Yesterday our friend Nate came over for a bit to hang out and have dinner with us. Church this morning was great. I love Sundays in December, the carols, the lights, the messages about the Messiah's birth. This truly is my favorite time of year. Here are a couple of photos from our Turkey Day. Notice there aren't pictures of Brinkley---when we go home he hides under the coffee table from Tucker. Tuck let me take his picture and loved making himself the center of attention.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Pioneer Woman

Reading it and loving it! I started reading her blog last night and finally had to talk myself into going to bed. Today, at work, in the middle of all of the craziness, all I could think of is that I want to keep reading!

We had a great weekend, quiet and fabulous. Work is crazy for me this week and quiet for Joe. Both of us are ready for the holiday and some more down time together with our wonderful family and friends!

Back to the Pioneer Woman!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

First Date

Tonight Joe and I are going on our first date, again. Two years ago today we went on our first date, to Starbucks. It was the Monday before Thanksgiving and things were crazy busy. Our center was having a client dinner for all of our pregnant clients (this was in my care net days). I left with PLENTY of time to get there, even to be early... then I hit the traffic back up of the year! I kept calling promising him I was on my way, feeling horrible that I was late (I'm NEVER late), by the time I got there I think he had been there for almost an hour. Since Joe is off work today and tomorrow, we thought we would have dinner at home and drive across town to "our" Starbucks. Neither one of us has been there in the past two years, I hope its still there!

It amazes me how much my life has changed in the past two years. Not long after Joe and I started seeing one another, I left Care Net. I had a couple of jobs before landing the one I've been at for 18 months. We bought a house, got married, and now I am looking at a possible transition into another role at Waste Management within my department. Life is crazy beautiful and definitely keeps us on our toes! I'm wishing I could take today off and just hang out at home, spend time with my hubby before our coffee date tonight. Funny how I'm not nearly as concerned about what I will wear tonight as I was that Monday morning 2 years ago!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Bears Thrash A&M

We had such a fun weekend. Friday we met up with my parents and hit Hwy 6 headed toward Waco for the game of the year! I don't know that words could even describe the tremendous amount of excitement Baylor fans experienced in those 4 quarters! I became that fan that I typically hate---the obnoxious one that can't sit still or contain herself!

The Bears showed up and came to play, they showed the Ags no mercy as they took the score up to 41 points (to a mere 7 scored by the Ags) in the 4th quarter. The Ags got some more points on the board but suffered a huge loss, 41 to 21. Fans rushed the field, and celebrated in the middle of Floyd Casey. Joe and I loved sharing that moment with the BU family, and got some great pictures on the field. Baylor has won two games against Texas A&M in the past 23 years. Baylor's football team did fantastic, and both men's and women's basketball dominated their games as well! It was a Sic 'Em Bears kind of weekend!
Not only did we have a blast at the game, I got to introduce Joe to one of my favorite people ever. Dinah met us at Common Grounds on Friday for some quality time. It was so so good to see her again and get to laugh and share in each other's lives.
Sunday we went to Waco First Church for worship. The worship service was amazing. I really loved getting to see everyone. The church has had a baby explosion (don't worry,we didn't drink the water!), and my teens and kiddos aren't so little anymore. I'm beginning to feel old!
All in all it was a fantastic weekend. I can't wait until next year's game!

Revvin' up the crowd before the game!

Waiting for the game to start

Sic 'Em
My dad and I calling a momentary truce : )

Proud Bears

Signing Autographs for young fans

Right in the middle of Floyd Casey

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Million Miles a Minute

This week has been insanely busy! We launched a huge project at work this week, I've been fighting a crazy sickness, and trying to keep up with a home life. But, it will all be worth it at noon tomorrow when my family and I head north to Waco for a weekend away...ok, so we really want to see the Bears kill the Ags. Baylor is favored to win by 8 points. The last time Baylor was favored to win a big 12 game???? Circa 1996...Sic Em!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Drumroll Please....

We've been scheming and dreaming for months about what we would like to do for our "honeymoon"/first vacation together. I was hoping to be able to take Joe out of the country and spend some time in Europe. After considering the exchange rates and the oh so weak dollar, we decided to stay a little closer to home...sort of. In May, we will be flying to Vancouver, boarding this beautiful ship and spending 7 days cruising by Ketchikan, Juneau, Skagway, Glacier Bay, College Fjord, and Whittier, Alaska! We are really excited, but know that with today's economy we may have to change our plans. But for now, we are booked and ready to go at a moment's notice!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My Chunky turns 7 today!

One of the best days of my life 1-21-02

I came home from my stats final to find Brinkley like this on my couch.
Brink's 7th Birthday picture

For those of you who don't know, I am head over heals in love with my beagle, Brinkley. I have always liked dogs, but never thought I would be THAT girl that went nutso for her dog. Needless to say I have. I can't imagine how boring things would be without him around.
My sweet dog is 7 today, I can't believe how quickly time passes and how crazy I've become over this little guy. He is an amazing companion and has been an awesome blessing! For the past (almost) 7 years, Brinkley has served as my toe-warmer, personal entertainer, alarm clock, nap buddy, mood lifter, moving buddy, and psychiatrist--no one listens quite like he does! Here is wishing Brinkley the happiest year of his little life thus far--good health, great naps, plenty of walks, trips to Petsmart, and lots of treats are yours for the taking! Oh how we love you Brinkley!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

What A Difference A Year Makes

Engagement Day-Niagara Falls Canada-November 1, 2007

Thanksgiving Day 2007

Decorating the Christmas Tree 2007

This was my Valentine's Present!

Joe's Birthday Dinner with my parents

Joe's Birthday Dinner

I have the type of personality that thrives on change. The past year has been full of change--wonderful changes! This weekend marks one year since Joe asked me to marry him. In some ways it feels like the year has flown by, and in other ways it doesn't. So here we are one year later, loving married life. We are very thankful that the year has been so good to us. Here are some photos to recap our year.