Saturday, August 1, 2009

Disappearing Act

I can't believe it is already August 1! For all of my teacher friends, I'm sorry you have to go back to work soon. But, personally, I am so ready for all of the "kids" to go back. Living near two "tourist attractions" in the Houston area, makes summer time a traffic nightmare and everything is packed! Personally, I don't consider Galveston an attraction, but hey, to each their own.

We've had a pretty busy summer (mainly with work) and have braved the freakish heat rather well. Here are some highlights from the summer so far:
-Saw RENT with the 'rents
-Celebrated Joe's 30th

-Celebrated our first anniversary. I had a great blogpost in mind to document that, but two months late doesn't seem very effective. anyway, we went on our first 5 dates all over again then to dinner at Perry's. After dinner we came home, watched our wedding DVD for the first time, and ate our cake. The cake was still really good!
-Spent a few days in San Antonio at Schlitterbahn and Sea World. Complete with dinner on the Riverwalk and dinner at Alamo Cafe (I had grilled veggie fajitas to die for! I would drive all that way just for those fajitas)


-Celebrated the 4th with good friends (new and old)

-Saw Phantom with the 'rents

-Mom and I took a road trip to Kingsland to see Grannie. Grannie had a heart attack earlier in the summer and is transitioning into a new diet, and getting used to being at home alone again
-Business trip to Atlanta that gave me the chance to fly into Raleigh (for only $100) to spend a couple of days with Ben, Adrienne, Gwynn, and new nephew Rowan

I have some more business trips around the corner and have a lot of projects I want to complete around the house. Time just goes by so quickly I feel like I can't keep up.