Thursday, September 2, 2010

Today marks the start of our 39th week of pregnancy. I will admit for all to see that I was WRONG...I thought all along CP would be here by about week 37. The past couple of weeks have been disappointing in that I'm ready to see my baby's sweet face. At the same time, the past couple of weeks have given Joe and I extra time to be a party of two. We've had several dinners out, gone on lots of walks, and had some quiet evenings at home waiting.

My appointment last Friday was somewhat disheartening when Dr. Nisbet said, "I'm pretty sure I'll see you for your regular appointment next week." Followed by the observation that there hadn't been much of a change. I wanted to scream, "CHECK AGAIN!" "Are you sure???" I had a round of contractions the night before and was totally certain there would be a noteable change. No cigar.

I have noticed a few things this week that are different;
-lower back pain
-crazy indigestion (I had some heartburn but this is fierce business)
-icky nausea today

We go back to the Dr. tomorrow and I'm not expecting there to be a change. I suspect we will talk about an induction and I'm hoping that if we do, Dr. Nisbet will humor me and do it next week instead of making me wait until the week of the 13th. I won't hold my breath though.

In other news, work has been pretty slow this week. My colleague is slammed and I'm not. On the one hand, it is awesome to not be running around like a fool this week, on the other, it means time passes SLOWLY and I have time to sit and dwell on Hadley's upcoming arrival.
Grannie had open heart surgery a couple of weeks ago in Austin. She is currently at a re-hab facility in Marble Falls. I finally got her on the phone last night. She sounded good and chipper. Apparently there is a lady that comes in to do hair and Grannie got her weave did. She told me, "ooooh boy, I got my hair washed, set, and cut. I look like the Queen of the Ball. Everyone thinks so." She is a mess! I got a good laugh out of that when I got off the phone with her. Aside from Joe and I, I think Grannie may be the most anxious to meet Hadley Grace. I'm pretty sure this is the day she has been waiting for forever!