Monday, August 9, 2010

T Minus 5

We are down to about 5 weeks until Hadley's due date. From the beginning I have believed that Hadley will get here early. I could be completely wrong, but I've just wanted to be mentally prepared for her to be here before her due date. People look at me and ask "how much longer?" and shake their heads when I tell them. I don't feel like I'm THAT big, but I guess there is something they see that I don't. Who knows. Everyone always has a guess and an opinion based on their experiences.

I am pretty certain that Hadley started dropping a couple weeks ago. I don't have a lot of space for her to drop, so I think she is slowly wiggling down. There have been a couple of other "signs" of upcoming labor. But, when you read all the information on it, these are things that can happen several weeks ahead of labor with a first child. So, that isn't much of an indicator.

We have one more shower at work this week, then we'll be all set and ready for Hadley's arrival. Joe put the swing together last night. I'm REALLY excited about the swing. I just wish it didn't take up so much space.

Hadley's room is done, with the exception of the niche above the closet. We'll have to find the perfect thing to go up there.

Other than some last minute organizing, we are ready. I hope she will stay put long enough to get her lungs a little more developed. But, we sure are ready to see her face!


Julie Lewis said...

they say you will never be "completely ready"... Love Hadley's room! It looks great! Good job!

Lindsay said...

Love her room! Looks so good!!