Wednesday, November 24, 2010

11 Week Re-Cap

Since I've been so delinquent in blogging, I'm going to try to catch up in one post. This in no way does justice to the past 11 weeks, but it is my only hope of getting caught up.

Hadley, here is a look at the past 11 weeks:

Week One:

-We brought you home and nervously tried to figure out what in the world to do with you. We did LOTS of holding, diapering, feeding, and crying. We also took you out on a few "outings" for sanity sake

-You went to your first doctor visit on September 9, 2010 and saw NP Stacy (we LOVE her). Your appointment was at 8:30. Getting up, dressed, fed, and out of the house by that time was crazy! Gigi came over that day to cook and do some serious baby holding! Getting ready to take Hadley to her first Dr. Appt.

-We took you on your first trip to TargetRiding to Target

-You played on your play mat (you HATE tummy time)

-You slept A TON! I knew babies slept a lot, but you slept almost all the time, about 22 hours a day.

-You screamed through your first bath. I was so nervous, but we survived. You loved having your hair washed.

-You were the Bears' cutest fan on your first Game Day, 9-11-10 when Baylor played Buffalo. We met Josh, Lory, and Mo for lunch at Jason's Deli that day

Week Two:

-You slept some more

-You had more appointments because you had episodes of projectile vomitting. After a couple of weeks going back and forth, they decided you had reflux. Gigi came and helped me that Thursday because your Daddy had just gone back to work. You did great all day, then she left and you got sick. But, while she was there, we went on our first Girls' outing to McAlister's.

-You went to your first church service on September 19
-You lost your cord

-You had your newborn pictures made by Carina Olson of Kat's Photography. She was awesome! You'll be seeing her again and again I'm sure.

-You had your first ultrasound (to rule out Pyloric Stenosis). You were less than impressed with the process, but did really well all things considered.

Week Three:

-You met your Grandma and Grandpa when they came to town for your dedication

-You slept some more

-You went with me to my hair appointment and did GREAT hanging out in the salon

-We presented you to the Lord and promised to raise you in a Christian home and to reflect Christ in our lives as an example to you as you grow. After your dedication service we had lunch at our house with the Cook Family and all of your grandparents. Then we went to Uncle Bert's for a shrimp boil that night.

- We went and spent the day with Papa

-You smiled at us periodically from the time you were born. But, you really started smiling to get our attention this week.

-You went to Waste Management to meet my co-workers and have lunch with Gigi

Week Four:

-You had your one month weigh in. You were 8 pounds 2.5 ounces (and not too thrilled to be propped up in bed for a picture)

-You spent your first night away from home. We stayed the night at Gigi's because Daddy was sick.

Week Five:

-Gigi and I took you to meet Grannie. There are a few things you need to know about Grannie...I adore her. She spent a lot of time around us when we were growing up and she helped your Gigi with your Uncle Steven and me when Papa was in Desert Storm. I never will forget calling Grannie to tell her I was pregnant with you. I had my first appointment to confirm my pregnancy and came into work. When I got to work I showed Gigi the pictures of the ultrasound (you looked like a polka dot) and she says, "you have to tell Grannie, I can't keep it a secret." So, that afternoon as I was leaving the office and walking to the bus, I called her. I asked her what she was doing in September. She said, "September??? Its just only January, I don't know hun. Why, what are you doing in September?" I told her I was having a baby and there was a very long silence followed by "are you serious?" "Yes." Then she got choked up and said, "you'll have a little girl with a head full of dark hair and blue eyes." Throughout my entire pregnancy she asked about you. When she had her open heart surgery, she kept checking to make sure you hadn't been born. Grannie was so excited about you. When she saw you, she cried, I cried, Gigi cried, and you slept. It was a moment I will never forget. Hadley, you are so loved by one of the most amazing women to walk this earth. I desperately want you to know and remember her.

Week Six:

-You started daycare at Kid City. I took you on Monday (10/18) morning and left you an entire three hours. I was a basket case and cried almost the whole time. Being away from you was awful, it still is. We kept you there a little longer each day to make sure you (ok, I) would do okay before I had to go back to work. You did just fine and have the sweetest teachers; Aida, Mary Grace, and Joanie. Whenever I go in to get you, the teachers from other classes tell me how cute you are and how sweet they think you are.

-We took you to the Fall Festival and to the Pumpkin Patch. Papa came down to go with us since Gigi was out of town.

Week Seven:

-Mom went back to work and then got a stomach bug. Daddy kept you home just in case

Week Eight:

-You celebrated your first Halloween and holy cow did you look cute!

Week Nine:

-You had your 2 month appointment (11-5-2010) and got shots. I cried, you cried, and Daddy almost cried.

-At 2 months, you weighed 9lbs 8.5 oz and were 22.5 inches long. You were in the 8th percentile for weight and in the 20s for length. This picture cracks me up, your legs are so skinny! Each time we set you up, you'd roll to the left and fall over, it was pretty funny.

-After your appointment, we went to Gigi and Papa's. Daddy and Papa installed lights in the kitchen while we took you Christmas dress shopping. Girl, you have 5 Christmas dresses.

-You had your first dinner at a hibachi joint that night too

-Your little classmates passed along a sickness and you were out of school with RSV for half the week. Daddy stayed home and took care of you.

Week Ten:

-We went Christmas shopping with Papa on Friday.

-Gigi and Papa babysat you on Saturday so Mommy and Daddy could go do some shopping of their own

-Grandma sent you Thanksgiving cash. You even held it in your hand

Week Eleven:

-We are getting ready to celebrate your first Thanksgiving. You wore a little outfit to school today with a turkey on the tush and a turkey hairbow. You are so precious!

So far you :

clasp your hands together (you've done this since day one)

love your fists

smile a lot now

follow things with your eyes really well,

you LOVE the Christmas tree lights and the Christmas village

you are cooing and making sounds to "talk" to us

still HATE tummy time

are getting good at holding your head up when we carry you (but not when you are doing tummy time)

you like your swing, bouncy seat, high chair, and infant carrier

you usually do really well in the car

you typically only cry when hungry (until last night when you had a gas bubble and screamed your head off)

you LOVE your Daddy, Gigi and Papa

you have done EXCELLENT at day care

you love bath time and getting your hair washed

and you love the "Good Morning" song

Right now you think I'm hilarious, I'm living it up while I can

I had you in your high chair last week and I was making brownies, you were really fasicnated with my mixer and seem to enjoy being in the kitchen with us. While we were baking, Billy Joel came on the iPod, you grinned a huge grin and started kicking your feet. You loved him in utero too.

We have had so much fun getting to know you these past 11 weeks. They go by so fast, sometimes I just find myself holding you and crying because I don't want time to pass so quickly and yet I am so anxious to learn more about you and who you are. I am so humbled that the Lord has blessed me with you because I am so undeserving of such an amazing gift. Even more wonderful is that He loves you so much and knows you so well that He knows the number of hairs on your precious little head. Oh Hadley, you have been so worth the wait!


The Pybs said...

i think it was 11 weeks before i caught up on the old blogger. a lot has happened in just 11 short weeks!! can you imagine life without her?? it just keeps getting better and better, you just wait... oh and we sing the good morning song, too. so fun!!

Denise said...

Callie, I have always been blessed by God's gift of your presence in this journey we call life. To watch you sharing your gift with your own child as you have with mine is a joy I will always treasure. We love Hadley, too!