Thursday, December 2, 2010


Every year around this time we all focus on giving thanks for our "stuff." And, like most things "our stuff" changes over time. In addition to all the normal things, friends, family, homes, cars, jobs, food, clothes, etc... This year, our family had MUCH to be thankful for!

  • Dad's successful quintuple by pass surgery (and recovery) last December
  • Awaiting the arrival of baby Cocoa Puff, Hadley Grace with a healthy pregnancy
  • Grannie's recovery from multiple hospital stays
  • Grannie's succesful valve replacement surgery in August followed by another succesful surgery in October
  • The most precious little girl I've ever laid eyes on

This Thanksgiving was a bit different for us. Hadley and I drove up to Mom and Dad's on Wednesday evening to spend the weekend. Joe was working the night shift, so we didn't want to be home alone trying to be quiet during the days. My parents cooked the usual feast and we took it on the road to Joe's work for all of those who had to work Turkey Day.

Hadley chilling in her high chair while Gigi makes turkey

Friday we went out for some Black Friday people watching and some light shopping. I spent a whopping $28 at Gymboree and called it a day. Saturday Hadley and I helped decorate the house for Christmas. There is nothing better than Mom's house at Christmas time!

Tucker checking out Miss Hadley after her Black Friday excursion

Mom and I took SEVERAL breaks from decorating to love on Hadley and pose her for pictures

Hadley was supposed to watch Gigi and make sure she put the greenery up right

Best of all, Hadley got several days of extra love from Mom and Dad and I didn't change hardly any diapers while I was there. Gigi took them for the team!

Sunday we went to church and spent some time with Joe. Hadley wore her first (of many) Christmas dresses and looked SO sweet!

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Denise said...

This might be the cutest picture of an infant in a winter coat ever!