Thursday, February 12, 2009

Tissues, Meds, TV, and Heart Day

I'm now on my second round of antibiotics. This time they pulled out the big guns---the kind that make you want to throw up and die. You trade one set of symptoms for another. It seems like I'm getting more symptoms and not getting rid of any. Needless to say, its been a long week. The one thing I'm loving is having a nice tv in our bedroom. We found a great deal on one last weekend and bought it for our V-day gift for each other. Joe put it up on the wall this week and its fabulous. If Joe has to work on Valentine's Day and I'm home sick, I might as well enjoy curling up and watching my gift!

Of course, I'll be making cupcakes and cookies for Joe and his team. Other than that, I'll be resting up and watching cheesy movies on Lifetime or something lame like that.

Oh my goodness....the funniest thing happened on Wed night....

Joe and I were at church for youth Bible study. Our fabulous youth pastor, Josh, started a round of "Honey If You Love Me You'll Smile." Since Joe was sheltered as a teen, he'd never played before. It was hilarious to watch him get into the game. First, Josh sat in his lap and tried to get him to smile---nothing. That was pretty entertaining in itself. THEN, another adult sponsor, Jonathan, sat in his lap. He whispered in Joe's ear, played with his cheeks, attempt to get Joe to laugh or smile. Joe had NO response. We were all in hysterics. I was laughing pretty hard and it hurt so bad to laugh. Then, I started crying and laughing (crying because of the pain) and still laughing one of those silent deep laughs that made my face get all distorted. Luckily everyone thought I was laughing so hard I was crying instead of the other. Joe was a rock, it was great.

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