Saturday, February 14, 2009

I Love You More Than Blank....

Several weeks ago I ran across the I Love You More Than Blank website and thought it was pretty fun. The wheels in my head started turning and I decided what to do for Joe for Valentine's Day. I went to the teacher's supply store and scored a few packages of patterned hearts (the kind that would be desk/locker tags or on bulletin boards). I came up with 75 " I Love You More Than ______" statements. I got some from the actual website, and used others to get some ideas. Some were funny and edgy while others were a little more serious. One of my favorites (that I don't know if Joe will get) is, "I love you more than Elizabeth loves Mr. Darcy." I don't know if he will know who Mr. Darcy is, sometimes he is missing that cultural side to things. So, I also made one that says, " I love you more than I love Dr. McDreamy" ---that one he'll get. I got him sucked into my Grey's watching web.

Originally, I was going to attach the hearts to ribbon and hang them from the ceiling in the entry way. I've felt so awful this week, that I got behind and did not feel up to hauling the ladder in the house and climbing up and down it all evening. I was feeling a little better today and made cupcakes for Joe and his team. After he left for work, I decided my alternative to ceiling art was wall art----I put paper hearts all over our walls. Its cute, I'm hoping they stay up until he gets home. The hearts have super cute and bright patterns on them and they remind me of this comforter I had as a kid (but, I digress).

On our first Valentine's Day, I made Joe this little garland thing with 10 things I appreciated about him (he still has it). Last year, we bought a house and I told him I would get back to making his Valentines. How do you top a V-Day house??? You decorate it with V-Day hearts of course! Oh, and you make super yummy cupcakes with buttercream frosting from scratch ; )

Hope you all enjoyed your day!

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