Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Please Pray for Lisa

One of my oldest friends and her family need your prayers! I don't feel like I have all that many details, but I think I know as much as there is to know right now...it just doesn't feel like much. I spoke with Lisa's brother Phillip and found out:

Last Monday Lisa went to the hospital with tingling in her face, numbness in both arms, speech problems, and a horrible headache. At that time, they believed she had a stroke. After running some tests, they concluded that she didn't have a stroke, rather had a HORRIBLE migraine. They ran additional tests and found a brain tumor. According to Phillip, they have not mentioned how large or small the tumor is. Its on the left side of her brain near the temple. Tuesday they did a biopsy, the results of which should be in today. Depending on the outcome of the biopsy, they want to do surgery as soon as possible. Lisa was in the hospital from Monday through Saturday.

Lisa's dad passed away about 15 years ago with cancer, so this is all too familiar for the family. Please pray for God's favor on this family. Even if the tumor is benign, there is much to walk through in the coming weeks and months. Lisa's mom Nena is back and forth from San Antonio to Oklahoma City and her brother lives here in Houston. Also, please pray for Lisa's new husband Justin (they've been married since June).

As I know more, I'll update. In the mean time, please pray!

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