Sunday, February 8, 2009

Ok, so this has been going around Facebook for the past few weeks. I think everyone I know has tagged me to do it and I've FINALLY given in. Our weekend was pretty uneventful since we're both under the weather, I figured I'd use this as my Sunday night blog post.
Without further ado----

25 Random Things About Me

1. I love my dog more than a lot of people love their children
2. I can hold my hair brush in my toes and brush my hair
3. If I could have ANY job in the world, I would be Madame Thenardier in Les Mis so I could sing her part in Master of the House
4. Until I met the Cook kids, I didn't like children
5. We had a pet monkey once. He ate grapes, chocolate chips, and butterscotch chips. Really cool pet if you ask me.
6. When I have a family, I want it to look like NATO met and everyone left a kid on my lawn (I wanted to do that before Angelina did it)
7. I love cold weather and all the fun clothes that go with it!
8. When I move from Houston, I'd love to live in New England
9. I want a house with a red front door
10. I've lived in two foreign countries in my life and would LOVE to add to that list by moving over seas sometime
11. In the summer of 2004, my parents and I went on a trip to Germany. It was amazing. My mom was taking her time while trying to take a picture of my dad and I. In those minutes he said something to me that made me laugh so hard I almost wet myself. Neither one of us ever told anyone what he was the same thing I said to him during our dance at my wedding. I think we'll take that secret to our graves.
12. My dad and I are freakishly similar---God bless our spouses!
13. I love giving to others (almost to a fault)
14. My goal before I die is to have one passport full of stamps
15. I took Chinese in college and LOVED LOVED LOVED it
16. I love languages and cultures
17. When I was 5, I was attacked by an ostrich....then again in the 8th grade. I'm terrified of the things. Then, just as I was getting over the trauma, I was attacked by a goose at fall retreat my Sr. year in high school. Now, I don't trust birds of any sort and fear them all. (this is something my husband finds hysterical)
18. I tried to smoke a cigarette before my stats final. I couldn't even inhale and my friend smoked my cigarette and his at the same time. This was the first and last time I tried to light up.
19. I tried to teach myself how to make fried tomatoes one summer in jr. high. I had a couple of small fires in the kitchen (cleaned it all up before my parents got home though---sorry mom!)20. My first college major was Church Music
21. While on a mission trip to New York City, a few of us accidentally threw a flaming tampon bomb out the window of the hotel. Yes, this could have been a major disaster, and yes I could have been tried as an adult. (It really was an accident!)
22. My husband does all the laundry in our house so that we have clean clothes to wear--otherwise I wouldn't be able to keep up
23. One time my brother and I were home alone and we ordered pizza for dinner. While we were waiting, I dressed him up like a girl and the pizza guy hit on him (should I mention this is when we were living OUT of the country?)
24. My husband thinks its weird that I get out of the shower before I dry off and he makes sure I know it!
25. I broke my leg in several pieces in the 7th grade. I was more upset at the thought that they were going to have to cut my new jeans off of me than I was about them having to pop my leg back in place.

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