Sunday, November 30, 2008

Many Thanks

Before Dinner--Joe is thinking of pecan pie and dressing
This is Joe's brain on pie....

Tuck Tuck

I can't believe Thanksgiving weekend is coming to a close already, funny how time away from work goes so quickly! We had a great Thanksgiving. I always think of Thanksgiving as a hurdle until Christmas, but its growing on me... Thanksgiving day was very quiet and laid back. The food was amazing and we enjoyed our time with my family and Joe's uncle that came up for the day. Joe had to go back to work Friday morning and I spent the day with my parents. My dad showed my mom and I what he wanted to get Joe for Christmas---Joe is going to flip! After a little bit of shopping, we went out in search of the perfect tree. Yesterday our friend Nate came over for a bit to hang out and have dinner with us. Church this morning was great. I love Sundays in December, the carols, the lights, the messages about the Messiah's birth. This truly is my favorite time of year. Here are a couple of photos from our Turkey Day. Notice there aren't pictures of Brinkley---when we go home he hides under the coffee table from Tucker. Tuck let me take his picture and loved making himself the center of attention.

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Lindsay said...

Usually they last about 3 weeks. Trust'll smell them when they are bad. We did it 3 years ago (our first married Christmas) and we were able to leave them on the tree until after Christmas so it just depends. If you do it use quilting thread and double the thread when you string them, and the larger the needle you use the better.