Monday, November 17, 2008

Bears Thrash A&M

We had such a fun weekend. Friday we met up with my parents and hit Hwy 6 headed toward Waco for the game of the year! I don't know that words could even describe the tremendous amount of excitement Baylor fans experienced in those 4 quarters! I became that fan that I typically hate---the obnoxious one that can't sit still or contain herself!

The Bears showed up and came to play, they showed the Ags no mercy as they took the score up to 41 points (to a mere 7 scored by the Ags) in the 4th quarter. The Ags got some more points on the board but suffered a huge loss, 41 to 21. Fans rushed the field, and celebrated in the middle of Floyd Casey. Joe and I loved sharing that moment with the BU family, and got some great pictures on the field. Baylor has won two games against Texas A&M in the past 23 years. Baylor's football team did fantastic, and both men's and women's basketball dominated their games as well! It was a Sic 'Em Bears kind of weekend!
Not only did we have a blast at the game, I got to introduce Joe to one of my favorite people ever. Dinah met us at Common Grounds on Friday for some quality time. It was so so good to see her again and get to laugh and share in each other's lives.
Sunday we went to Waco First Church for worship. The worship service was amazing. I really loved getting to see everyone. The church has had a baby explosion (don't worry,we didn't drink the water!), and my teens and kiddos aren't so little anymore. I'm beginning to feel old!
All in all it was a fantastic weekend. I can't wait until next year's game!

Revvin' up the crowd before the game!

Waiting for the game to start

Sic 'Em
My dad and I calling a momentary truce : )

Proud Bears

Signing Autographs for young fans

Right in the middle of Floyd Casey

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Lindsay said...

Hey Callie!! I'm so glad you have a blog! We weren't at the game and I'm kicking myself now!!!