Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Waiting Game

I am a planner. No question. I like to know what I am doing and when. I want to plan it all out to ensure that I'm prepared and that everything goes well. In this way, I'm very much a "Type A" personality.

Pregnancy has challenged me greatly with this NEED to plan out my life. And, I'm okay with it. I wouldn't expect to be able to predict anything related to growing a person. But now, I'm beginning to get a bit antsy about it all. I keep thinking that in all reality anytime within the next 6.5 weeks our worlds will get flipped upside down. 6.5 weeks is a large window...yikes! When I leave work each day, I wonder if I'll be back the next day. I'm pretty sure I will be, but you never know. And with each day that passes, we get closer to the day I won't be back.

To top it all off, I have a severe case of "senioritis." I am at the point where I don't want to do much at work and I can't focus without really concentrating and forcing myself to get it together. There is so much to do to set my colleague up for success while I'm out, but there is even more to do to prepare my home, my brain, and my husband for Hadley's arrival. I have never been more ready and more unprepared for anything in my entire life! For now, we wait and get more and more anxious with each day that passes.

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