Saturday, July 24, 2010


Today was Hadley's first baby shower! It is a strange thing to be showered...I've been to hundreds of showers, but when you are the one being showered, it is a very surreal and humbling thing!

Mom and Dad came down for the festivities. Mom and I went to a tea room and looked in some little shops before the shower started. It was really nice and we found a super cute store that had TONS of sweet baby things (all overpriced of course).

Our friends Lory, Julie, and Cindy planned the shower on behalf of Women's Ministries. They ran with my love of baby bathing suits and pool parties and we had a "Swimmin' Party." Swimsuits, sandals, sun shades, and pool toys adorned the room and hallway. It was really cute and very original!
The shower was well attended and I definitely felt humbled and blessed by everyone's thoughtfulness. Dad and Joe came for cakes and gifts, so Dad shot some pictures of the ladies and gifts. I loved each gift and know that everything was selected from the heart. One of the sweetest things we received was a hand made white afghan. It is beautiful! I was overwhelmed that someone would take the time to make Hadley's gift.
When we got home, Mom and I went back through everything and tried to get it somewhat organized. I have some washing to do, and will get things organized and put away after next week's shower.
Hadley Grace, I think everyone is very excited about your arrival. And, you sure played hard've gone almost non stop since about 3 this morning!

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