Thursday, July 8, 2010

Thursday's Thoughts

* We are down to single digits...9 weeks (or less) until Miss H graces us with her presence. Hopefully it goes faster than I think it will

* I was NOT encouraged at my last Drs. appointment when my Dr. indicated I am in the "EXPANSION PHASE" -what am I, a building?

* I would really love to have an ultrasound machine so I could watch what Had's doing in there. I think she is taking her finger and poking my bladder.

* Hadley will not let me sleep on my left side. She balls up and if I try to lay on my left, she kicks me until I surrender and roll back over.

* I'm tired of the rain in Houston. We've gotten over 10 inches in a week, 7 of which have been in the month of July (and, it hasn't rained everyday).

*My husband is currently at my favorite breakfast joint with our Youth Pastor and I'm jealous.

*I gave Hadley the following pep talk this morning: "Hadley, you have between 42 and 63 days to show your face or I might go crazy. If we can keep that number at about 50, that would be great."

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