Monday, March 22, 2010

Whose Pants Are These Anyway???

Does anyone remember The Supertones? I'm pretty sure they had a song about pants, where they were trying to decide whose pants they were wearing. Now, I'm pretty sure I'll have the song in my head for weeks. But, I digress...

I had an appointment this afternoon, which meant I got home "early" (before 5:00). So, I figured I would contribute to my household and do a few loads of laundry. I was taking the darks out of the dryer (they've only been in there for a week) and hung up all of my pants. You know, my regular person pants. The ones I lost all the weight to get into. The pants that if I wore them now would make me cry from discomfort. The ones that were getting ready to be sent to the consignment shop because they were getting too big...Yep, I hung up my pants and realized that the next time I see them we will be gearing up for the holiday season, they'll get covered in spit up and other bodily functions, and I will be a mom. STRANGE. For the next (at least) 5 months, I won't have belt loops, buttons, zippers, or non-elastic waistbands in my pants. Funny how that happened so quickly and slowly at the same time! Its a little overwhelming and sad and exciting all wrapped into one. So for now, I look at my fabulous find, used to be comfy, durable, tried and true pants and say, "these are not my pants..."

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