Thursday, March 11, 2010

Random Thoughts on a Thursday

As March is rolling right along, things for us are picking up a bit. Every year, January and February seem to crawl by, but when March comes things definitely start moving! This year, I couldn't WAIT for March. March held hopes of more energy, less sickness, and some activities to help time pass.

In February, I found out someone nominated me to sit on the church board (um...thanks??? maybe) as our NYI (youth) President. I've sat on church boards before (unofficially as staff) and in other capacities, and I really FELT like this was just not my year to do this again. But, after talking with our youth pastor and realizing he needed to have some help administratively, I decided to allow my name to go forward for the vote. The areas where he needs assistance are things that I do well, and he has ample support/sponsors for teen camp, camping trips, and all the things I can't do while pregnant this summer. I'm feeling challenged by this group of young people in a way I haven't been challenged before. They are great teens and generally well behaved, but they may be the least motivated group I've met before. Couple that with some disengaged parents and we have our work cut out for us!

Today is my Friday (did you hear that? The angels just sang the Hallelujah chorus) at work, and I have a three day weekend! Tomorrow Joe and I have an appointment with Dr. Nisbet to check on Cocoa Puff. I'm excited to hear the heart beat and that everything is progressing as it should (I'm saying it like I know for certain that will be the case, because I'm trying to remain positive instead of worry...its not really working all the time, but I'm trying)! After our appointment, we plan on stopping in to see Baby Boy Jaskiewicz (who should be born any time now) and pick up some fun things for his Sip N See Shower on the 28th. I'm looking forward to spending some time off with my hub tomorrow. It feels like its been awhile.

As soon as my bonus check hits the bank account we're booking our trip to DC! I hope we still get as good of a deal as we've seen online. I guess we'll know about midnight. We are really looking forward to a get away over just seems far away (eventhough it will be here before we know it)!

Saturday we are going to celebrate a 3rd and 1st birthday of some sweet girls from our Sunday School bunch. After partying hard with the little ones, I'm headed to see South Pacific with my parents Saturday night. I am pretty excited. This will be CP's second musical and we may even spend the night at my parents' house so we aren't driving home so late. We'll see.

Overall, it should be an exciting few days. Next week our teens are on Spring Break, so we have a couple of activities planned next week (one is at night, so I can make it). Hopefully that will make next week fly by and get us closer to Easter.

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