Saturday, February 13, 2010

Pat, Pat, is it a he or a she????

While I may have just gone down in history as the worst mom ever, for titling a blog about CP from a SNL sketch...I'm dying to know! I desperately want to start preparing for this little one (I know we have PLENTY of time, but I like to be type A about things and get a move on)! There is next to nothing that is "gender neutral" these days. Even the yellow and green things have a stronger push toward the boy side than the girl side. Besides, as much as I want to prepare, what fun is a bunch of neutral stuff when it could be something that screams BOY! or GIRL!

I have to be totally transparent and admit that I find myself looking mainly at girl, bows, headbands, frills, tights, and all the goodness that is a little girl. Then I walk out of the store and into the silver part (main part) of the mall and see teeny bopper girls dressed like they work at Hooters, and I think it might be better for my heart if CP is a boy. The truth is, at the end of it all, we will be thrilled with a healthy, well adjusted, little one. I'm just much more comfortable with the thought of raising what I know---a girl. As crazy as they can be, I get 'em. I can roll that way. The thought of a mischevious little boy that will try and strap engines to wagons and blow things up in the backyard (like father, like son) scares me to death!
Of course, Joe feels the same way...he is more comfortable with what he knows---boys. A girl would throw him for a loop. And, quite frankly, he'd be toast. She would have him wrapped around her finger in a second, and it would stay that way for her lifetime.

For now, we wait and we wonder and go CRAZY about not being able to find out for about another 10 weeks. Which, feels like a lifetime from now, by the way. And, we desperately hope that CP cooperates and angles exactly right so we will know for sure! I know that until recently women had to wait for 9 whole months to know if they were having a son or daughter. When I think about that, I feel very sorry for those people. I thank the Lord that I live in a time when I can find out, otherwise I don't think I'd be able to handle the suspense. While we wait, I try to think about things for a boy and a girl. I try to be equal in my thoughts. I'd honestly be surprised if CP is a boy and I don't know why. But the more I "think pink" the more I feel like I'm setting it up for CP to be a boy and for me to be found in shock without a plan!


Natalie Powers said...

can't wait to hear! :)

Jeannette said...

I was absolutely convinced that Cohen was going to be a girl...