Wednesday, June 2, 2010


As you can imagine, most of our "free time" has been eaten up with baby prep things.

We have:
Cleaned out the study to make room for Hadley
Held two garage sales to get rid of all of our stuff
Picked out bedding
Made arrangements to have our furniture pulled out of layaway
Painted Hadley's room
Made some more kid friendly adjustments to our house with a new TV cabinet and TV
Put the stroller/car seat together
Bought LOTS of cute clothes (on sale)!!!
Made Hadley a hairbow holder
Re-organized the kitchen to make way for bottles and such

We still need to:
Survive the next 13 or so weeks
Go to our childbirth class (luckily it is just one Saturday)
Get closets cleaned and re-organized
Register with the hospital
I need to legally change my name. After two years of marriage, I have yet to go stand in line and turn in all the paperwork I filled out back in fall of 2008. Yep, I'm a winner.
Once the name is changed, switch over all my medical records and get it together so we don't have two names on a birth certificate

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