Monday, April 12, 2010

Yesterday was a crazy busy day. We had a Parents' Information Breakfast for our teen parents, church, board meeting, lunch, a baby shower, and then I was supposed to teach youth Bible study. Luckily, our youth pastor offered to teach last night and I GLADLY accepted his offer! I'm so glad he did because I was exhausted.

Joe went to go grab dinner (our kitchen is a mess because we are getting some new furniture today) and CP started having a party. I was pretty sure that some of the movements could be felt from the outside too. Of course, Joe was gone and by the time he got home CP had totally settled down. After dinner I laid in bed and waited and waited and waited. I would feel the small flutters and Joe and I would wait and wait some more. CP would move but Joe couldn't feel them. We were both getting pretty bummed. Finally, CP packed a powerful hit and Joe was able to feel it too. I don't know that I will ever forget the look on his face. All in all he was able to feel about 4 kicks, punches, head butts, or whatever CP was doing in there. It was really exciting and he probably would have missed it if I had to teach Bible Study.

We sure are ready to give CP a REAL name. We have an appointment tomorrow afternoon, and will get the referral to call the other office that will actually do the ultrasound. Hopefully, the referral process will happen quickly and they will have an appointment available soon. I don't know that I can wait much longer to know if this baby is a boy or a girl. My entire pregnancy (18 weeks--15 weeks since I've known), I've felt CP is a girl. I never really had a moment where I thought I'd have a boy. Then, on Saturday, it was like someone flipped the light on and said "this could be a boy." Either way, we'll be thrilled. I'm just so ready to know!!!

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Natalie Powers said...

That is so cool. It's such a neat feeling, isn't it?? :) Can't wait to hear what it is. Praying over you sweet baby!