Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Half Baked

We're almost there....one more day and we are officially half baked! Our anatomy ultrasound is on Thursday at 3:00 and we can't wait. I'm so ready to get another glimpse of our Cocoa Puff and make sure that everything is looking good. And, of course, we hope CP cooperates and lets us know if we will be buying trucks or tutus. By the end of the week CP will have a name.

Here are our updates:

At 18 Weeks:
-Blinking and frowning reflexes are developed
-Bones started to calcify
-You have finger and toe prints and are totally unique! There will NEVER be another baby like you.

At 20 Weeks:
-You are about 6.5 inches long and weigh a whopping 10 ounces (although when you sit on my bladder, you feel like you weigh a ton)
-I can feel you move almost every day
-When I stand up after sitting, I can feel you roll from one side into the middle and hang out over my bladder. This makes me waddle my way to the bathroom like a crazy woman!
-You have unique sleeping pattern and have a favorite position to sleep in

I'm wanting to eat strange things. Your Dad took me to Luby's tonight (you must know I hate Luby's) and I ate fried okra (something I don't like). Go figure.

We are having a garage sale this Saturday to make room for you. Even with all the conversations that led up to the cleaning of the study, I was overwhelmed when we actually started. We're getting ready for you little one!

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