Saturday, January 9, 2010

Holiday Catch Up

I'm so ashamed! I always have such high hopes that I will keep up with my blog, and then I don't. Normally, I feel like our life is not eventful enough to post anything. This holiday season was quite different. Here are the noteable happenings.

Thanksgiving was great. We spent a few days up at my parents' house and relaxed and ate and relaxed some more. We went to see The Blind Side, which I LOVED! The day after Thanksgiving, Joe and Dad went out and ran errands while my Mom and I decorated the house. Then we went out and had Dad take a million pictures so we could get ONE for our Christmas cards.

The week after Thanksgiving, we flew up to spend a few days in Cleveland to see the in-laws. The trip went about as we expected, it was strained and uncomfortable for all. In fact, I was so on edge about this whole thing that I went running every morning for over an hour. It is important to note that I HATE running more than just about anything and it was maybe 20 degrees! While we were there, we went to this place, The West Side Market. OH. MY. GOODNESS!!! I found out about it on the web and fell in love. IN LOVE! Hundreds of vendors have little stands set up and sell everything from veggies to Crepes. I ate my weight in rich goodies! I had a chicken crepe that was to die for, cannoli, a monk, a small cupcake, and a cookie. I had been saving up for this market and it was totally worth it! That was the highlight for me! If I had a place like this in Houston, I would be there all the time buying fresh meats, cheeses, and veggies!

When we got back from Cleveland, my Dad went in for a heart cath and maybe a stent. They wheeled him out of the heart cath and scheduled by-pass surgery for the next day. I spent the day with Mom at the hospital waiting for Dad's surgery. They finally took him back just before 3 and he was out and we got to see him sometime around 8:00. He did great! They ended up doing quintuple by pass. Luckily, Dad's heart had not been damaged by a heart attack or anything prior to his surgery. Mom and I both had planned to take quite a bit of time off at Christmas, so it didn't put us in too much of a bind work wise. I spent most of my time off up at my parents' house to hang out and help out. The day after Dad got home from the hospital, I stayed with him so my Mom could go catch up on some things at the office. He asked me to take him to CVS, Mardels, and Best Buy. He ran errands with us pretty much every day and has gained his strength and energy back. We are all so thankful that God protected Dad throughout this process and that He got Dad into the doctor's office before there were more problems.

The Sunday before Christmas, we hosted our church's College group Christmas party. We had a TON of food--chips and queso, cheeseball, lasagna, salad, bread, tiramisu, and cheesecake. I wanted to make sure I had a good variety and mass quantities...these are college students. They ate like birds! I couldn't believe it! We had so much food left over! Later that night, we got together with the Bergerons and went to Dickinson's Light Festival and then on to Moody Gardens Festival of Lights. It was a fun evening to say the least!

Christmas Eve we did our gingerbread house, went to church, and opened our Christmas pjs. Christmas Day we opened our gifts, made Christmas dinner, and chilled out the rest of the day. Dad took a lot of pictures, I'll have to post some later.

Joe worked New Year's Eve and New Year's Day. I met Joe for lunch on NYE and we had a great lunch at Jason's. Then on NYD my parents came over for dinner. It was nice, low key, and yet eventful all at the same time. I'll post more about the New Year later this week!


Lindsay said...

that color looks great on you!!

Bergerons said...

I have missed your really should get better. Haha...just kidding. Sort of. We had so much fun with y'all at the festivals of light! I wish it was still going on. Keep updating us!