Monday, January 25, 2010

The Last Days of 2009

As 2009 came to a close, I started thinking back on everything that happened in the last decade:

1. I voted in my first election (hanging chad anyone?)

2. I got my first new car

3. Graduated High School

4. Started College

5. Graduated

6. First job

7. First REAL job with a paycheck!

8. Met my future husband

9. Got engaged

10. Bought a house

11. Got hitched

12. Bought my first car (car payments---ick!)

Just when I thought the decade couldn't get any busier, the Lord saw fit to prove me wrong!

On the 30th, we were out and about running errands. For some reason I just kept feeling flakey, I must have asked Joe the same question about 10 times that day. It was just not like me and I was a little concerned about it. As these things go, one thing led to another (more on that later) and the following day, New Year's Eve, Joe and I met for lunch at Jason's Deli. I closed out 2009 by telling Joe that we would be parents in 2010. Of course, I had made a trip to Target and bought some cute onesies that say, "I love Daddy," and some books. He was not TOTALLY surprised because the night before I had taken a test and was sure I had seen a line, but when I asked him he said he didn't see it. So, he had a hunch. From my years at the pregnancy center, I definitely knew how to read a test, but I thought maybe I was going, I bought a digital test. No guess work there!

We found out super super early and were pretty nervous until our first appointment. We met with our doctor for the first time on January 13 and had an ultrasound. Everything looked just like it should, but it was too early to see the heartbeat. We got to go back today and have another peek at our little one. Much to my relief, there was a bright flashing heart beat on the screen. Cocoa Puff's heart is beating at 154 beats per minute and CP is measuring in at 7 weeks, 4 days (right on target).

Needless to say we are super excited and nervous. But, most of all, we are so incredibly thankful and blessed that things are going well so far. I'm pleased to introduce you to Cocoa Puff

This is our scan from the 13th. The black circle is the gestational sac and the tiny little polka dot is the yolk sac. Cocoa Puff is hanging out right on top of the yolk sac (CP is the little light spot at the top of the polka dot).

This is today's scan. CP is measuring 1.26 cm. The black circle is the gestational sac and the little shrimp looking thing is CP...just growing away.

I will definitely have more to blog about now. So many fun and exciting things are coming our way!


Lindsay said...

OH MY GOSH....CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!! I am so excited for y'all!!! You are going to be an amazing mother!!!

Lauren said...

Woah, congratulations! You snuck that one in there! I mean, you snuck the news into the post and you snuck little Cocoa Puff into 2009!

Natalie Powers said...

oh my gosh!!!!! you are pregnant!!!!! congrats. this is so awesome!! :)

oh and i did the blog design...i found it on and customized the header. :) i can help you if you'd like!!