Monday, January 19, 2009

Oh how I love 3 day weekends

I love three day weekends. I think they are the greatest thing ever. Friday morning I drove in to work so that I could go to my parents' house. After a quick dinner with my parents, I went to see Linda. Linda is my super fabulous, amazingly wonderful friend and hair dresser. Linda and I had a great time catching up and she covered up my gray, trimmed up my weave and cut bangs. I have been toying with the idea of bangs for about the past year, but never wanted to bite the bullet. I haven't had bangs since about 5th grade. Bangs these days aren't quite what they were in the 90s though (thank goodness)!!!

Saturday mom and I talked my dad into going shopping with us. We went shoe shopping, had lunch at Chuy's (to die for), and then went to the mall and the Container Store. After a fun day with my 'rents, I came home to make some desserts for a fundraiser at church. When I got home, I had one sick puppy that resulted in 3 hours at the Emergency Vet Clinic. B always seems to get sick after hours or on the weekends---which of course costs 3 times as much as the regular vet. Brinkley and I were up all night Saturday. I got my desserts made and went to church yesterday morning. The teen fundraiser was great and thanks to Lindsay, my desserts were a hit. After church I had a quiet afternoon and a great chat with my sister in law and super cute niece.

Today I hit the grocery store and am making some baked ziti. Joe is working tonight and I have a board meeting at the pregnancy center. All in all, its been a good weekend. Tomorrow will start another very stressful week at work (more lay offs to come). Good thing I'm not the One in charge!

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Lindsay said...

oh yay! i'm glad the cake turned out good. it's one of my favorites and a great go to quick cake.

post a pic of your new haircut!