Friday, January 23, 2009

Give me two pina coladas.....

You know when a President goes into office they look MUCH younger than they do when they leave---or even after the first year??? I absolutely feel that way this week. I feel like if you took a look at me today you would think I'd aged about 10 years in a week. This has been such a stressful week! We underwent MAJOR lay offs this week and there will be more next week. Our team hadn't heard anything and was hoping that no news was good news. And, in large part, we had let some of our guard down yesterday. All of the other departments knew what they were going to have to do lay off wise for a week or more. Our team is very small and we had cut our budget by over 20%, so we thought we might get spared this time. We took our first hit this morning and it was a big one that will cause a major re-org of several departments. It amazes me how much these things can impact people---physically, emotionally, spiritually and psychologically we are all a mess. Our company is large and stable, I can't even begin to imagine what other companies are going through!

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