Sunday, December 7, 2008

Sunday Night Blues

The weekends go by far too quickly! I worked half a day Friday, went to an appointment, and then Joe and I worked on some Christmas shopping. My company partners with CPS' Bear Project for children in state custody. We "adopted" a little boy and did some shopping for some colleagues' "adopted" kiddos as well. After many trips back and forth from Wal Mart to Target, Kohls, Hobby Lobby, Old Navy, the mall, and every place in between, we secured all but one gift. The trunk of both cars were packed to the brim. We're shy a Fisher Price My First Doll House. Hopefully we'll get it before the toys are due. I mentioned to my Dad that we couldn't find the doll house, I think he has checked every store on the NW side of Houston looking for it. He is amazing like that. I think he and Joe are determined to find that doll house (Joe has a soft spot for little girls wanting doll houses).
Yesterday morning we got up and started wrapping Chanukah and Christmas gifts before Joe's company Christmas party last night. We had a nice time at the party, but it sure is a lot of effort to get dolled up and all the way to the Galleria! Sprinkle in some laundry, grocery shopping, cooking, some more wrapping and the weekend is coming to a close. Why do the weekends fly by??? This week is going to be pretty busy, but we're ready for it. I know we're both ready for our "Christmas Break." For now....we chug along and try to get through the week!

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Nicki W. said...

ahhh! we call it "sunday sadness"! i used to get it on the weekends in high school and college! now i have been getting it a lot lately now that we have two kids! the extra help and attention is so so nice on the weekends--then...monday comes :(