Saturday, March 14, 2009

Ahhhhh Sic 'Em Bears!!!

In case you haven't heard yet...I heart all things Baylor. I'm proud to be a Bear at all times, but today I'm REALLY proud. The Bears played an awesome game against Texas last night and have landed themselves in the Big XII Championship game tonight!!! Tip off should be any minute now. I'm pumped! Best of luck to my Baylor Bears!


Nicki W. said...

SAD WE LOST!!! oh well, NIT here we come!

as far as big bro and lil sis shirts--i bought a cheap onesie and a t-shirt at wal-mart and had a lady here embroider them. pretty simple. they have really cute ones here:

hope that helps :)

kelly 's a riot said...

hi friend!

josh and i are totally goin to the see the bears play tomorrow night for our date night:) pst will be SO sad to miss bass-ick ball, so we might just keep it our little secret!

i hope things are going well for ya--waco misses you:(

Nafiz Dhakaboy said...

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