Friday, December 9, 2011

"Word Nerd"

Hadley's vocabulary is EXPLODING. I LOVE it! As I sit and try to think of all of the things she says, I know I'll forget some. But, I want to remember the things she says and how she says them. So, in no particular order, our current vocab consists of the following words:

1. Mama
2. Dada
3. Gigi (sounds a bit like "she she")
4. Papa
5. Tucker (Tuck-errr)
6. Piper
7. Lily (her teacher)
8. Outside (Osiye)
9. Light (Liiiiigh)
10. Hello (heyo)
11. Bye
13. Purple
14. Poop (pewwp)
15. More (mo)
16. Milk ("Gilk")
17. Book (gook)
18. Again (gai)
19. Night Night (nih nih)
20. "Na Na" (No No-but she doesn't say this often-yay! She does shake her head "no" though)
21. Up
22. Done (da)
23. Uh Oh (we have this one down pat)
24. Diaper (dipah)
25. Nose
26. Eye
27. Baby (she is currently OBSESSED with babies)
28. Doggie (she had been using the word Tucker to describe all living things that weren't people, but she now will sometimes say doggie)
29. Puppy
30. Muah (to blow a kiss)
31. Moon
32. Blue's Clues
33. Wow
34. Wee
35. Bath
36. Hi
37. Mi (Mine)
38. Duck
39. Cheese
40. Down

I'm pretty sure there are a couple I'm missing. The other night Hadley was looking for Piper. Piper was in the backyard and Had started walking to the door saying "Piper" *which sounds a bit like a mix between Tiger and Cracker* in a sing song voice. It was too cute for words. It also sounded like she said where are you? But, I'm not 100% sure on that one.

I love that everyday Hadley has a "chatty" time. She just jabbers on and on about something. I'm sure she is solving the national debt crisis or figuring up a peace plan for the middle east. But, I can't understand most of it. Hadley, please always want to chat with me and tell me about your day. I dread the thought that there may be a time when you don't want to talk to me and you shut me out. Let's not roll that way, k? Thanks. Oh, and my child is obsessed with the phone. She loves them, loves to talk on them, thinks the world stops when the phone is insane.

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