Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Vacation Brain

I am suffering from a MAJOR case of vacation brain! It doesn't help when most of my social network are teachers who are now off and having a blast until August. Or, that any time I have taken time off since I started working it has been to fulfill an "obligation" and has not been a care free and fun time like vacation SHOULD be. OR, that we had a cruise to Alaska planned but J's company decided to take away vacation time. That is the big one. I should just be returning from a refreshingly perfect vacation...oh well, such is life. We are looking into going some place fabulous next spring, but who knows what will come up between now and then, or if Joe's company will even give vacation time in 2010. Time will tell.

Since we can't go anywhere too far because of J's work schedule, we planned a trip to Schlitterbahn and Sea World next weekend (we both get a 3-day weekend)! Its no where near as exciting as other people's plans, but hey, its something! Now for my dilemma...I've been on a major swim suit hunt. MAJOR. I have a coronary at the thought of spending $100 on a bathing suit, because I know that I only wear them a hand full of times before they get replaced. My biggest issue this year is fit. For the first time in MANY years I am not limited to the plus sizes anymore (cue inspirational music). BUT, since we'll be on water slides, I wanted a one piece so as not to have any tankini top mishaps at the bottom of all the rides. I've tried every store I can think of looking for a Non-Grannie one piece. Hard to find. I finally found some that are practically backless and do not provide near the coverage that would be needed to keep me IN the suit....I would have never thought I would have this much trouble. Its too late now to order something from Lands End, so I think I'll have to go for a tankini and hope for the best. If all else fails, I will be in Dillards shelling out $120 for a suit while someone does CPR on me....
I was telling my Grannie (whom I totally adore) that I was swim suit shopping the other day. She offered to send me her "never been worn, really cute bathing suit with a skirt"--I graciously told her thanks but that I was SURE I would find something. Somehow, I think her Grannie Panty bathing suit will show up at my house.


Lindsay said...

I absolutely hate swimsuit shopping!!! I feel your pain!

Anonymous said...

This is exactly why I haven't gotten a new bathing suit since my honeymoon almost 3 years ago... :) (And that was mandatory)

If you go the tank-ini route, just make sure you hold the bottom of the top piece while you go down the slide. :)


Bergeron's said...

You are sooo funny! Land's End also has some really cute one-pieces. Swimsuit shopping SUCKS! I feel your pain! But congrats on the size breakthrough!!! You worked really hard!